Doing Business in Israel

Michigan Partners with Israel Because

Israel is a world leader in technology development and innovation, with top universities and over 3,000 high tech companies centered on life science, cyber and homeland security, alternative energy and agritechnology.
Israel has top universities with more Nobel Prize winners per capita than anywhere else.
Israel has over 3,000 high-tech companies centered on life sciences, homeland security, alternative energy, water technology and agro-technology.
Israel has over 200 automotive related companies.
Israel has more engineers and scientists per capita than any other country in the world.
Israel has the third highest number of U.S. patents per capita as well.
Israel has a Memorandum of Understanding with Michigan to increase R&D.

And, Israel has preferred trade status with the United States, making it the perfect global partner.

MIBB on the Ground in Israel

The Michigan Israel Business Bridge has a regional office based in Jerusalem, powered by Atid-EDI. Through that relationship MIBB services requests to connect for b2b, research partnerships and investment opportunities. MIBB members can also work out of our Jerusalem office when in Israel.

We welcome your requests to do business in Israel. The attached forms will help guide you through the process of connecting with potential partners.

To initiate a request please click on one of the following links:
Michigan Companies intake form for b2b/joint ventures/m&a etc (form A)
Michigan University/College intake form for research partnerships (form B)

Tips for Doing Business in Israel

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